What is a Sex Doula?

A Sex Doula is a coach or a healing guide. A Sex Doula is someone that helps one reconnect with themself sexually by walking them through elements and styles of healing around sexual-spiritual health. To regain a sense of newness after a period by feeling disconnected from one’s body.

A Sex Doula can work with individuals or couples to help guide and strengthen their sexual awareness and gain newfound freedom. A Sex Doula does not perform intimate acts with clients. However, they provide techniques and avenues to help to facilitate healing around sexual energy.

Welcome To This Live Course

Course Outline

  • Weeks 1 -3

    ● Introduction and Mission

    ●History of the Feminine Divine

    ●Ancestral Teachings & Practices

    ● Sacral Chakra work in Relation to Sexual Energy

    ● Sex, Relationships, and Families

    ● Sexual Health and Anatomy

    ● Healing the Trauma

    ● Energetic & Spiritual Techniques of Sex

    ● Healing Practices

    ● Setting Up Your Business as Sex Doulas

  • Weeks 4-6

    ● Cultivating Intimacy

    ● Understanding Sexual Response & Sexual Pleasure

    ● Amplifying Authentic Self Acceptance & Full Body Awareness

    ● Becoming One with Self (Mirror Work)

    ● Masturbation Series

    ● Queer Identity and Love

    ● The Scale of Human Sexuality

    ● Healing Sexual Trauma before entering this level of work as an Intimacy Coach/Sex Doula

  • Weeks 7- 8

    ● Expanding the Definition of Anatomy

    ● Different bodied beyond basic male and female identified

    ● Older, Disabled, Plus sized, Trans & Beyond

    ● When "Coochie" catches cold- Where young womxn to talk about bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and what is considered "normal" discharge. It is a fun way to destigmatize common genital 'discomforts'.

    ● Recognizing the common signs and basics care.

    ● How behaviors like foods and certain activities can alter what and how your discharge changes through out the month.

    ● Adjusting Your Picker: How to pick compatible, worthy Sexual Partners

    ● Decolonized Attraction-Many of us don't allow ourselves to be attracted to certain people because of the stigma attached to that group of people. I am opening a discussion of who gets to be attractive and how to expand your own ideas of attraction.

    ● Human Sexuality Including subcultures like Kink Bear additional sexual cultures and practices And how all of this includes, affects and relates to our BIPOC LGBTQIA+ family

Meet Your Instructors

NBDA® Birth & Postpartum Doula Instructor Rafeal Newport

I am a hippie, science loving, book loving birth nerd from San Jose, CA. I was raised by my mother who was born and raised in the middle of Alabama. My holistic, evidence based and spiritual approach has allowed me to learn from excellent teachers and learn the art of spirituality and healing practices. I trained and apprenticed for 3 years with a Doula who had been practicing for over 25 years and local midwives. I took classes, read books, attended births, volunteered for various birth related organizations and finally I became a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula along with a certification in Childbirth Education. ​In my over 10 years of experience I have worked in hospitals, homebirths, and birth centers. My focus is in centering marginalized families( People of color, LGBTQ+, gender non conforming, single parents, disabled,...) while also supporting all families in their creation and/or expansion.​ Prior to my training in birth work I have been and am currently a certified sex educator, peer counselor, family planning counselor and facilitator. I spent over 10 years in various LGBTQIQA+ youth non-profits beginning when I was 15 years old.

CEO & Founder, NBDA® Leadership Academy Tracie Collins®

Tracie began her career in the Birth Doula field in 2000 after her second child was born. She has attended over 1500+ births with families birthing in hospitals, birth centers, and home births throughout the SF Bay Area & beyond.

In 2002 Tracie completed Elizabeth Davis' Heart 'N' Hands Midwifery Incentives Program. Upon completion, Tracie was the only student from that class to be selected as an Apprentice Midwife for Sacred Body Midwifery in San Francisco. After her apprenticeship, she worked as a midwife with Sacred Grove Midwifery alongside Asatu Hall.

Tracie comes with an extremely high level of demand, regard, experience, and longevity in the birthing field. She has worked for over two decades in many settings to empower and provide expectant families with the best support possible. Learn More https://traciecollinsofficial.com

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