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    18 hours

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    Birth Doula Training Virtual July 4-27, 2024

    Equipping you with the knowledge skills, and confidence to be an invaluable asset to birthing parents and their support teams. You will learn how to provide continuous support during labor and create a positive birthing experience.
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    What's included?

    7 Chapters

    1 Certification

    340 Questions

    25 Video

    32 PDF

    Meet the Instructor

    Pamela Henman
    Pamela Henman was born in Cuba, on Luly 13, 1989. She studied the Bachelor of Arts in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, graduating in 2012. She is specialized in Sculpture. Since 2013 she has worked on numerous projects as a Sculptor. She has 7 individual and even more collective exhibitions as a sculptor, at an international level.