Birth Doula Training Hybrid 
New Jersey

 Equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be an invaluable asset to birthing parents and their support teams. You will learn how to provide continuous support during labor and create a positive birthing experience.

Meet the Instructor

Michelle Gabrielle Caldwell
Michelle is the owner of Baby, Please Birth Services located in NJ. She is a certified Doula and certified Childbirth Educator teaching the Bradley Method :registered:, Evidence Based Birth :registered: and her own Holistic Course expressly for The Birth Center of NJ of which she is also the Doula Coordinator. She currently holds an advisory position on the board of The National Black Doulas Association and is one of their doula mentors.

Michelle is an advocate for Poppy Seed Health :registered: where she assists birthing persons virtually. She holds over 15 years of experience in the birth industry; helping over 400 families navigate their birthing spaces, training and mentoring birth professionals and medical staff while ensuring birth justice through state and national initiatives.

She serves on non-profit boards and panels. Enhances the platform of black birthing in the USA through blogs and podcasts. Michelle empowers others by offering education, support, and advocacy. She holds degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Presently works full-time for a German Based chemical company.